IMVUGO CENTRE is a start-up publishing house and a language learning centre based in Kigali, Rwanda which specializes and focuses on publishing in the language of Ikinyarwanda as well as teaching it. 
Since 2011, the company has been successfully developing and producing methodologies and didactic materials to easily and efficiently teach and self-teach the language of Ikinyarwanda as a second language for both adults and children learners. 

Depending on the learners preferences, Ikinyarwanda Classes are delivered at varying intensity of teaching and through different class formats. Therefore IMVUGO CENTRE organizes regular and intensive classes, with learners studying in individual or group classes and in online video, audio or correspondence classes. 
Concurrently, IMVUGO CENTRE publishes reading books, folktales and poetry in the language of Ikinyarwanda, to make them accessible to an increasing and eager Rwandan, African and International audience.

Ikinyarwanda Course

The Ikinyarwanda Course, by Imvugo Centre, is modular, practical and easily adapted to most needs of any potential learners of the Ikinyarwanda language.
The Course is a reference for anyone looking to learn the language through a flexible and modern language learning methodology.

Customer Service

Potential learners and partners, including Individuals, Organizations and Institutions, receive all information to their inquiries and any needed demo lessons or any other application requirements. And study-abroad students are provided with information and facilitations related to an eventual travel and stay in Rwanda.


The Tuition Costs paid by a learner depend on the learning options chosen by the learner and on the number of lessons to be studied. 
Tuition costs are inclusive of the costs of materials but the amounts are exclusive of taxes and money transfer fees. 
All Payments are made upfront.

Our Work

Our partners experience with our collaboration and our clients interaction with our books and our lessons of Ikinyarwanda, are highly valued. 
Our work ethics, approaches and  methodologies are geared towards achieving the best customer and partner satisfaction possible. 
And we especially aim to make any endeavour to teach the language of Ikinyarwanda successful and enjoyable.

Book your Course

Get in touch with IMVUGO CENTRE and achieve your goal of learning or teaching Ikinyarwanda successfully.
We work with individual learners and with organizations or companies to impart fluency in Ikinyarwanda. 
Special attention is given to Rwanda Diaspora networks seeking to teach Ikinyarwanda to children and to the youth. Lessons are modular and methodologies and schedules are purposefully flexible.

Ibitekerezo - Blog

MU KINYARWANDA, is a platform for ideas from thinkers and passionate writers and readers, about the language of Ikinyarwanda and about the culture of Rwanda (Umuco w' i Rwanda).
The blog explores an alternative perspective of African civilizations, cultures and languages with a focus on Ikinyarwanda and with the aim to showcase their relevancy, potential and wealth in the current and digital era. 

Our Clients & Partners

We completed delivery to and we continue to deliver Ikinyarwanda Classes to, or in partnership with, the following current and former customers :

University of Global Health Equity
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
FLAS - Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowships
Bboxx Rwanda